They may forget what you said — but they will never forget how you made them feel.

—Carl W. Buehner


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We drive our professional sales force to assure the highest quality of representation for your brand. Our one on one training designed to uphold standards to highest level of representation for your brand.


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We are dedicated to providing the greatest opportunity for all of our partners. Through training and mentorship we’ll bring you to the next level. Our commitment to our clients is to provide the greatest experiential marketing experience. We will use our expertise to help customize a campaign that meet your goals by out performing our competitors. It is our mission to work seemly alongside you to captivate your audience by upholding the values and services you stand by.


“As CEO it is my mission to continue to create a space where coaching and development of our people is at the very heart of what we do. Sticking to building relationships with team members essentially relates to our relationship with you and your target audience. The ultimate reward for me is to see team members thriving, business growing, and our customers smiling.”


we work for you

Here at Flex, tailoring campaigns to custom fit your needs is the driving force in what makes us able to personalize how we interact with customers to positively impact sale production and increase brand awareness.


why choose flex?

Our approach with customers is a simple one. We believe that we are the bridge between you and your customer – delivering product knowledge, professionalism, and individualized relatability to drive business and smiles!


we understand

We make memorable connections that help open the door to conversations. This allows us to understand what the customer needs are, so we may properly present the most attractive options to them. We’re client and customer orientated. 


strategy development

We pride ourselves in the highest standards of integrity and work ethic. We are here to serve you. In a world of cutting edge technology we simply greet people with a smile, understand their needs and how we can fit in to their lifestyle.

company culture

Flex team members have been carefully selected with you in mind. Holding every team member to challenging sales goals gives us the opportunity to constantly look for rewarding incentives and coaching tools to re-energize our ever-expanding team.

we’re a family

Our team is united by the determination to win. We are not just dream chasers we are goal-getters that thrive on being putting that extra effort assure the victory. The culture is to live our best life. We believe that together we can accomplish anything personally or professionally.

what’s next for you?

Applying for a position? Grow with us. When you become part of the Flex team you can look forward to music events, team nights, sporting events, bonuses, rising star weekends, competition, cash prizes, R&R trips, philanthropy, conferences and award ceremonies.


Your next project
Your next career choice
Your next partner
Your next lifestyle
Your next mission
Your next location
Your next vision
Your next dream
Your next opportunity
Your next challenge
Your next victory
…You’re next


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At Flex, we’re constantly growing, moving and having fun. Our creative team keep our blog updated with what’s happening at Flex, where we are or where we’re headed and topics related to our industry. Stay updated.

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If you are looking to grow your customer base, but you are searching for something different, something with edge. Then get to know us. Let us show you why the culture at Flex is not only next-level but our services are too.


Covid-19 Update 😷

Because of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, we have made some changes to our day-to-day structures. We're maintaining social distancing, wearing masks and washing our hands a lot!