Flex Shares One Way to Be a Great Leader

The greatest leaders are put in the category of being strong, confident and intimidating. However, research shows us that there is a winning approach towards leadership and it is not quite what we may expect. According to Inc. Magazine online, the article “Want to Think Like a Leader? Research Says to Do This One Thing” by Ilya Pozin writes “Most people are familiar with the idea of self-affirmation and the power of positive thinking. “If you think you can do it, you can” is a notion that crops up often in self-help books and videos. More specifically, it turns out that asking questions of yourself, rather than psyching yourself up with “I will” statements, results in people persisting longer at challenging tasks. The researchers who first introduced this idea tasked their study’s participants with solving challenging word scramble puzzles — but there was a twist. One group was asked to think about the fact that they would soon be working on these puzzles. The other group was asked to wonder about whether they would soon be working on them. The researchers found that participants who wondered what would happen solved many more anagrams than participants who focused on what they were told would happen.” 

“Positive affirmations and establishing that ground within yourself is often underrated and seen as something that won’t work. Positive affirmations are known to work because even though it is just ‘self-talk’, it is something that helps us believe in our abilities. It shows us what we’re capable of and what we can achieve,” says Sean Mies CEO of Flex. At Flex we interpreted this article by Pozin, and we really admired the research that was taken for readers to understand some things outside the box about leadership. It is essential that people believe in themselves first before becoming a great leader. 

Just like this study that was done, individuals can ask themselves questions from time to time to understand themselves in a much more productive manner. One way to connect with yourself and establish positive affirmations is by questioning what is possible and what is not. At Flex, we’re always pushing the boundaries and thinking outside the box. We want to be creative in anything that we do, and because of that, we’re constantly encouraging our crew and ourselves. We’re all capable of becoming leaders and leadership derives from understanding the voice within you first and foremost. 


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