Flex: The Best Advice Famous Entrepreneurs Have Received

Whether you’re struggling to move forward or just don’t know where you want to go, there are always great people in your life or motivational mentors in our world that help you get you going. Sean Mies of Flex says, “When someone asks me how I stay motivated and accomplish my goals, I tell them that it’s mindset. Following what you believe and making the decision to start is one of the best things I have done for myself and business.” Flex knows it is not easy because an entrepreneur or business image, the road is constantly filled with obstacles, there is always a point in every individual’s life they wonder “where am I going?” in that moment and time it is important to act on and remember the best advice you have received.

“Try to focus on well-intended pieces and quotes given you by someone close, or someone you look upto in the world,” mentions Sean Mies, CEO of Flex. Today, we’d like to share some of the best advice that our time’s entrepreneurs and leaders have received. Flex knows this will motivation and inspire you just as much as it has for our business partners and representatives here. 

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group
Best Advice Received: “The best advice I ever received? Simple: Have no regrets. Who gave me the advice? Mum’s the word,” the Virgin Group founder wrote. “If you asked every person in the world who gave them their best advice, it is a safe bet that most would say it was their mother. I am no exception. My mother has taught me many valuable lessons that have helped shape my life.”

Sallie L. Krawcheck, CEO & Co-founder of Ellevest
Best Advice Received: “I have often said that working on Wall Street was never as tough as attending an all-girls middle school in the south. I had Coke-bottle glasses, braces, unfortunate hair and committed the sin of getting good grades and being clumsy. If I wasn’t the last girl in the class chosen for sides on a sports team, I was pretty close to it. I ate lunch most days on my own. One day, after some petty humiliation, I came home in tears. My mother sat me down and told me, in a voice that I thought of as her ‘telephone voice’ (meaning, reserved for grown-ups), that I should ignore the girls; the only reason they were treating me poorly was because they were jealous of me. Therefore I should ignore the chattering crowds and set my own course.”


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